3 Automobile Tune Up's You Can Do Yourself

It does not matter what the level of your technical skill is, you can handle a wide range of car repairs and tune-ups by yourself. With the right tools, you can tackle some of the most common problems your car might develop.

  • Battery

Something as simple as residue on some spots can disrupt the effectiveness of your battery’s functioning and you can easily handle some battery maintenance on your own. You will need a handy rag, some corrosion removal fluid, a wire brush, and wrenches.

Begin by removing the battery terminals starting with the negative cable and then the positive. You can use a screwdriver with a flat head to remove them if it is tight. Clean the posts with the erosion removal fluid with the potent use of your wire brush. Use some water to rinse off and the rag to dry properly and replace the terminals.

  • Oil and oil filter

Depending on the strain put on your car, there should be a standard period between which you change your oil. When doing this yourself, ensure you can jack up the car properly and the engine is cool. You will need an oil filter wrench, funnel, ratchet and oil pan.

You can easily find the oil pan under the car where you will drain the oil after loosening and removing the drain plugs. After finishing this process, the rubber gasket on the new filter will be greased and the new filter filled with oil two-thirds of the way. Secure the oil filter and fill the engine with oil too. Double check the oil levels to be sure it is fine.

  • Brake pads

Plenty of stops and go driving brings about the need for more frequent replacement of brake pads. If not, it can be changed after about 20,000 miles or so. You will need a hammer, adjustable wrench lug wrench and C-clamp for this.

Under the car, you will remove the brake caliper so the old brake pads can slide out. Snap the new ones on or use a hammer to secure it. Compress the brake piston and tighten the clamp after which the brake caliper will be put back. For any circumstance in which you can not do the tune up yourself, check out Napa Auto Parts - Steamboat, CO.