5 Benefits of Horseback Riding

People who have never tried horseback riding before might have a hard time understanding why longtime riders are so devoted to this sport. But just one time in the saddle is usually enough to create a lifelong horseback riding enthusiast. Still not convinced you should give it a try? Check out the following benefits, and then find out for yourself by booking a ride.

Emotional Wellness

There’s something magical about exploring the great outdoors on horseback. The fresh air, the gentle clomping of the horse’s hooves, and the sights of mountain ranges and wildflowers can heal the soul. Horseback riding is a grounding experience that can bring you peace by pushing your everyday worries away.

Physical Exercise

Horseback riding might look easy to the uninitiated, but it’s actually a lot of physical work. You’ll build your abdominal muscles as you work to stay balanced in the saddle. Horseback riding also targets your back and pelvic muscles. And after an hour or two in the saddle, you’ll definitely notice that your inner thigh muscles were activated.

Balance and Coordination

You might notice that experienced horseback riders have excellent posture, balance, and coordination. They develop these abilities by practicing holding the reins properly, keeping the heels down in the stirrups, and sitting up straight and evenly while riding.


While you’re riding, you can’t let your mind wander. Skillful horseback riding requires mental focus and a firm commitment to live in the present. Meditation gurus call this mindfulness, and it’s widely regarded as being essential for strong emotional and mental health.


Horseback riding takes skill. Every time you ride, you’ll learn something new about yourself and your horse. As your skill level builds, so will your self-confidence.

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