5 DIY Projects To Do This Winter

Some DIYers love to repurpose old objects into new decorations. Others prefer to focus on improving the function or energy efficiency of their homes. Whichever path you take, you’ll find what you need at your local hardware store.

Apply new caulking around the windows and doors.

You don’t need a contractor to add a fresh layer of caulk. Use a razor blade to remove the old seals around your windows and doors. Clean the area and make sure it’s completely dry. Then, simply apply a line of caulk to stop drafts and lower your energy bills.

Create a display case out of a wine crate.

Take a rustic, rough-hewn wine crate, and line the inside with scraps of spare wallpaper or other decorative paper. Hammer in small nails to attach a sawtooth hangar along the top edge of the box. Each bottom corner of the box should have peel-and-stick rubber bumpers. Then, just use hanging hardware to stick it on the wall.

Make a chalkboard wall.

Chalkboard walls are a fun, whimsical way to keep your household organized. All you need is some primer, chalkboard paint, a tray, and a foam roller. After applying primer, apply chalkboard to a small wall in the mudroom or kitchen, or apply it to a smaller section of wall and frame it with a large, empty picture frame.

Update your hardware.

Looking for a quick update to your kitchen or bathroom? Swap out your old hardware for some beautiful brushed bronze or silver hardware. It’s an affordable and easy way to give your home a new look.

Paint your cabinets.

If your kitchen cabinets need a bit more help than some new hardware, give them a fresh coat of paint. You can even refurbish those outdated MDF cabinets that feature vinyl wrap. Ask the hardware salesperson about the right kit to use for them.

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