5 Fun Facts about Hot Springs

5 Fun Facts about Hot Springs

Have you visited a hot spring before? These hot soaking pools are made when volcanic lava heats up natural water sources. Hot springs can be fun and relaxing for the whole family. Before your next hot springs visit, check out these fun facts:

Hot springs can come in fun colors.

Did you know that hot springs can feature different colors? You might find one that has a beautiful orange color and another that looks more red or yellow. These color differences are due to microbes found in the springs.

You might see bubbling clay.

Because the water in hot springs is so hot, it can combine with the gases surrounding it, which can cause rocks to start melting. When they melt, these rocks turn into clay, which can then start boiling and bubbling.

Some hot springs have water that’s too hot to touch

While hot springs are popular for soaking and relaxing, only some of them can provide this inviting atmosphere. Other hot springs have water that is way too hot to touch—you may even see it boiling!

Too much heat and pressure can create a geyser.

If the heat and pressure underground are too intense, some of the water might get released from the ground and boil until it turns into steam. The steam then erupts above the Earth’s surface, creating a geyser.

Geysers are actually quite rare.

There are very specific conditions needed for a geyser to form, so these natural fountains are quite rare. In fact, there are only around 1,000 active geysers known to be in existence.

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