5 Household Items to Trade in at Your Local Pawn Shop

5 Household Items to Trade in at Your Local Pawn Shop

Need some cash? Or just looking to get rid of clutter? Head over to your local pawn shop with your items. Before you go, you should know your options. Pawn shops are primarily collateral lenders. This means you’ll surrender your item for a cash loan. This gives you the option to buy your item back. Or, you can choose to sell your item outright.


One of the most frequently pawned items is jewelry. Before you bring yours to a local pawn shop, call the store and double-check that they will accept the type of jewelry you have. Some will only deal in precious metals like gold. Of course, high-end items like 14K-plus gold and Rolex watches will give you more cash in your pocket.


Most pawn shop owners aren’t really interested in inexpensive tools like flathead screwdrivers. To make a deal, you’ll need to bring in a power tool like a saws-all, router, or scroll saw. If you’re bringing in battery-powered tools, make sure you take the battery with you. Many people drain gas out of gas-powered tools before taking them to pawn shops, but actually, you should leave some gas in them. The pawn shop owner will have to start up each tool to make sure it works.


Baseball cards, autographed sports memorabilia, coin collections, and antiques can be pawned if the value is high enough. Do a little research to get a ballpark figure of how much your collectibles are worth before you try to pawn them. Bear in mind that you won’t get market value for any item at a pawn shop, since the shop has to make money, too.


Guns can bring in a decent price at a pawn shop. Unload and case your gun, and take photo ID with you to the shop. If you intend to buy it back later, you’ll need to pass a background check before you’re allowed to reclaim it.


A pawn shop probably won’t want your old VCR, but there might be some interest in newer model game consoles. Some electronics are bulky and hard to carry, so consider calling the shop before you lug your items over there.

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