5 Most Common Sports Injuries

Whether you’re moderately into fitness or are a professional athlete, you are almost certainly aware of the danger of sports injuries. Every time we push our bodies to the limit, we risk injury. If you are dedicated and motivated to live an especially fitness-oriented lifestyle, chances are you will run into one of these common injuries.

Weight-lifters Shoulder

One of the most vexing and slow to heal injuries is weight lifter’s shoulder. This is a condition where tendons near the tip of the shoulder begin to separate from the bone. It’s caused when weightlifters hyper-extend their shoulders while performing a pectoral lift movement. The key to recovery is rest, and to avoid extending the elbows beyond the point where they are flush with the shoulders.

Plantar Fasciitis

This painful runner’s malady that happens when the tendon connecting to the bottom of the heel begins to shorten, pulling the bone into a spur which jabs painfully into the tissue at every step. This progressive condition is hard to reverse and requires increasingly thick padding in the shoe to avoid pain. Those who suffer from it should cease running until it is completely healed.

Shin Splints

Another runner’s injury, shin splints are when the tendons and muscles of the shins begin to separate from the bone. It is an especially painful condition that need not stop a runner if a regimen of rest and elevation is undertaken for a sufficient amount of time. Shin splints can be debilitating if gone too far, so it is important to take recovery times seriously.

Tennis Elbow

This is caused by repeated impacts to the joint which push the elbow in an unnatural sideways direction. Tennis elbow can end a tennis career, but it should not be a serious problem if the proper rest routine is followed.

Knee Injuries

Common even to non-athletes, the human knee is prone to lose its cartilage in time. Of course, runners and power-lifters will suffer from knee injuries more than any other type of athlete. Injuries to the knee are notoriously slow to heal.

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