5 Reasons Why Colorado is the Best Place to Own a Vacation Home

Colorado is an unassuming state when contemplating a vacation home. Those wanting to escape the heat of the summer, or find snow in the winter sometimes overlook Colorado, but it’s an ideal place no matter where you reside most of the year. Here are just five benefits of a Colorado vacation home:

  1. White Winters—Colorado is known for ski resorts in Aspen and Veil, but there are also overlooked places like Telluride, Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs. Whether you enjoy snowboarding, skiing, or ice-skating, if you want to experience a picturesque winter wonderland, there’s no better place than Colorado.
  2. Outdoor Summer Activities—from golfing, to hiking, fly fishing, horseback riding, hunting and camping, there is always something to do and with approximately 300 days of sun a year you can do them all. Also, if you’re trying to escape hot, humid summers, you’ll enjoy Colorado’s dry, moderate temperatures.
  3. Explore the Unusual—while many states boast a variety of outdoor activities, Colorado is also home to a number of unusual activities like hot air ballooning, rodeos, hot springs, and scenic train rides. Plus, with over 300 breweries, 100 wineries and 54 distilleries in Colorado, you will never run out of locally made beverages to try.
  4. Homeownership Your Way—with more than one way of owning a home in Colorado, finding something that fits your lifestyle and your budget is easy to do. Some private residential neighborhoods offer full-time ownership and part-time ownership of vacation homes so you can be comfortable with your choice in all the ways that count.
  5. Income Opportunities—if you decide on full time ownership of your vacation home, you have the opportunity to rent out your home for extra income. With a robust tourist market in Colorado, turning your vacation home into a part-time rental will give you a home away from home and an income property. You also have complete control: you set the schedule, you control how often and how long it is rented, and you establish rules for renters.

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