5 Reasons Your Parks & Rec Department is Important

A community benefits from a parks and recreation department. It is not always easy to see, but people in the community benefit from participation, and the community itself benefits from that as well as the overall economic impact.

Here are five ways a parks and recreation department can benefit a community.

Health: People who participate in some form of basic recreation are healthier than those that do not. There are also ways to take up a sport and that can benefit people even more. Having more healthy people in a community should improve the community.

Crime Rates: Recreation programs have a positive impact on youth. It gives them something to do, and usually it is a positive influence that can keep them from making bad choices. Studies have shown that students involved in after school programs commit less crime than areas where there are no such programs.

Economic Impact: Generally property values increase in areas near parks, which increases property tax revenues and improves the local economy. Parks are often able to support themselves to some degree with fees for participation. Parks are also part of the reason that businesses locate in a community because of the positive impact on quality of life. Parks also promote the local economy as they are used to host festivals and other special events.

Social Significance: Parks provide a place for people of all ages to gather and do things together. Parks are part of the identity of many communities. The existence of parks and recreation facilities are a measure of quality of life for any community. People of all situations, all races, ages, genders or whatever other category there is, can see the quality of their life improve through a local parks and recreation program.

Conservation: Preserving lands for public use has several positive benefits, even improving water quality and the air itself. It also provides a natural habitat for wild animals that affords people to connect with nature in another way. A parks and recreation department can maintain open spaces, which are beneficial to the health of an entire community.

If you'd like to support your local environment preservation, contact the parks and recreation department.