5 Summer DIY Projects

Summer is the perfect time to get started on that DIY projects that you have been wanting to do.

One summer project can be to refinish that old furniture that you have been wanting to. Whether it is old scratched up furniture, a nightstand you found on the side of the road, or just wanting to give it a new look, Ace can provide you with the tools you need. You will need some sandpaper, wood filler, if there are cracks in the wood or if you want to fill holes where old hardware was, and stain or paint. Depending on the look you are going for that will determine if you need to use paint or stain.

You can also update your flower beds in your yard. There are many ways to update your yard from different mulch, adding fencing, different plants, and more. At Ace you can find all of that. You can replace the old mulch with a different color and newer mulch. Adding sun and heat resistance plants is great for summer too. A nice touch is adding borders to your flower beds.

The next project could be creating an herb garden. This will not only look nice, but can save money instead of going to the store when you need herbs for cooking. At Ace you can find garden boxes, potting soil, and even fertilizer and seeds.

Repaint the old bathroom you have been thinking about. Adding a touch of color can really make a difference and give life to an old bathroom. You can also replace the light fixtures for an updated look and even the hardware in the bathroom, which is lot cheaper than gutting it out.

The last DIY project is creating your own fire pit in the back yard. To make an ingrown fire pit you will need to dig a hole then fill it with lava rocks. Then, set bricks around the sides of the hole and shovel the sod away from the rim. Then place large rocks around the rim of the pit and top of bricks then fill in dirt between the areas around the large rocks.

Ace Hardware has all of your DIY project needs.