5 Things To Look For When House Hunting

Buying a new home is always exciting, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned house shopper. If you want to find the best house for you, it’s important to refine your list of things that want you want in a home, so you don’t get caught up in features that won’t make you happy in the long run. As you start house hunting, keep an eye on these five factors so you end up in the right home.


The old adage that real estate is all about location, location, location is true. As you consider a home, make sure that the location has everything you want, from proximity to your job to easy access to shops and restaurants that you like. Location is the one thing you can’t fix about a house, so don’t compromise on it.


Check out the neighborhood at different times of the day to make sure it meets your expectations. If you’re looking for a quiet area, drive by at night to see if there seems to be a lot of parties going on. Swing by after school to see if kids are out playing. The neighborhood should complement your lifestyle so that you’re comfortable in your home.


The lot the property is on can make a big difference. Is the home so close to the neighbors that you can see into the home? Does a slope in the yard cause water to pool near the home? For a big lot, are you ready to tackle the landscaping? Keep these issues in mind before you make an offer.

Price Comparisons

How does the price of the home compare to the sale price of other properties in the area? The pricing should be comparable. If the home is overpriced, you may struggle to recoup your investment when you sell.

Square Footage

Even if you love a particular house, if it doesn’t have enough space, don’t convince yourself that you can make it work. Ideally, your house should have room for your family to grow.

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