A Brief Guide to Mexican Beers

A Brief Guide to Mexican Beers

When you are dining out for Mexican food, nothing will pair better with your meal than an icy cold beer imported from Mexico. The beers of Mexico take largely after German traditions, and they tend to be light and easy to drink—perfect for pairing with a large meal. If you haven’t treated your palate to a Mexican lager or pilsner before, try one of the varieties listed below. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed! 


Tecate is a smooth-drinking Vienna lager-style beer that perfectly balances the flavors of hops and malt. It is a pale lager with a mild flavor, so it is especially refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. It is also on the lighter side with 4.6% ABV, making it much lower in alcohol than many of today’s craft brews of similar styles. 

Corona Extra

If you typically enjoy German pilsners, then Corona Extra is the right beer to try with your next Mexican meal. It is light, crisp, and refreshing, and tastes even better with a wedge of lime. In fact, Corona Extra is often served right from the bottle with a garnish of lime on top. 


When you’re enjoying fish, chicken, or tofu as the protein of choice in your Mexican entrees, Pacifico makes for a perfect pairing. It is a golden lager that is mild and light in both flavor and ABV. 

Negra Modelo 

For something a little different, reach for a Negra Modelo. Though it is still a lager, it is rich and dark in color, offering a malt-forward flavor that has the richness to pair with beef, pork, and spicy salsas. 

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