A Closer Look at the Types of Auto Glass

Not all glass is created equal. You might think the windows in your home are similar to the windows and windshields in your car, but they are made from very different types of glass. Keep reading to learn about the different types of auto glass that you can find in your vehicle. Laminated Auto Glass There are two types of auto glass: laminated and tempered. Laminated auto glass is typically used for windshields and is created by fusing a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two separate pieces of glass. Heat and pressure are both used to create chemical and mechanical bonds designed to make the glass strong and dependable. This design allows laminated glass to absorb more energy, making it more resistant to penetration. Unlike other types of glass that shatter upon impact, laminated auto glass is designed not to shatter. This makes it much safer for drivers and passengers, as they are less likely to be injured by flying shards of glass. Laminated auto glass can also act as a barrier if any passengers are thrown into the windshield after a collision. Tempered Auto Glass The other type of glass you’ll find in your car is tempered auto glass, and it is typically used for the car windows. This type of glass undergoes a fabrication process that makes it stronger than untreated glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny, non-sharp pieces of glass if it breaks, unlike other types of glass that shatter into dangerously sharp pieces. This makes it a much safer choice for vehicles. If you’re in need of auto glass replacement or repair in Steamboat Springs, CO, then it’s time to contact Neste Auto Glass. This company has the largest inventory in Northwest Colorado, and they offer free mobile service as well as free pick-up and delivery. Call them at (970) 879-2725 for more information.