A Guide to Different Types of Rum

There are many different types of rum, but they’re all distilled from sugarcane byproducts, including molasses, sugar cane syrup, and sugarcane juice. This gives rum its characteristic sweet flavor profile. Rum is a versatile mixer, which makes it a must-have addition for a well-stocked home bar .

Flavor Profile

Before delving into the specific types of rum, there are a few things you should know about rum’s flavor profile. The main factor that affects the flavor profile is whether the rum is from the first distilling (light molasses), second distilling (dark molasses or dark treacle), or third distilling (blackstrap molasses). The soil composition and climate in which the sugarcane was grown will also significantly affect the flavor profile. That’s why, instead of judging solely by brand, rum enthusiasts tend to pledge allegiance to a specific country or region of origin.

White Rum

White rum has the lightest flavor. White rum is aged for one year in a cold climate or three to six months in a tropical climate. It’s popular for mojitos or virtually any other drink served with a mini umbrella.

Gold and Aged Rum

Gold and aged rums look similar in color. However, aged rums acquire their golden hue naturally from the casket during the aging process. A gold rum acquires its color from caramel and other additives. Gold rum is smooth, with a fuller taste than white rum. Aged rum offers a flavor profile with more depth.

Dark Rum

Dark rums are made from either the second or third distilling of molasses. Typically, those made from the third distilling are called blackstrap rums. These are very deep, complex rums that are often approached much like Scotch or brandy.

Spiced Rum

Just as the name implies, spiced rums have flavor additives. The addition of coconut or similar tropical flavors is quite popular. Other rums are flavored with hearty spices like anise, cinnamon, and pepper.

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