A Look at the History of Margarita

A Look at the History of the Margarita Few things complement a Mexican meal better than a margarita, but the history of the drink is not so easy to trace. There are several people throughout history who have claimed to invent the margarita, and the true tale can be hard to pin down. Here are some of the stories that are tied to the legend of the margarita. Rancho La Gloria This story about the history of the margarita is the one that tends to get mentioned most often. It starts in a bar in Tijuana called Rancho La Gloria in 1938. An actress named Marjorie King used to frequent the bar and was allergic to all kinds of alcohol except tequila, but she found tequila shots to be too strong for her taste. Carlos “Danny” Herrera, the owner of Rancho La Gloria, is said to have invented the drink in order to make tequila taste less intense, so King could enjoy a cocktail with her friends. Margarita Sames Margarita Sames was a socialite from Dallas who also had a home in Acapulco. She claims to have come up with the recipe for the drink while she had friends who were visiting her Acapulco home on a whim. One of the guests at her home for this 1948 trip was Tommy Hilton, of the Hilton Hotel chain. The story goes that Hilton loved the cocktail so much that he added it to the menu at his hotels, and the popularity grew from there. Anthony Dias Blue Anthony Dias Blue doesn’t claim to have invented the margarita, but he is the first person in the U.S. to import Jose Cuervo and author of the book The Complete Book of Spirits. He used the tagline “Margarita: it’s more than a girl’s name” to market his Cuervo in 1945, which is earlier than Sames is said to have created the drink. At Azteca Taqueria, you’ll forget about the history of the margarita and just be happy that someone invented it for you to enjoy with tacos, chimichangas, and more. For Mexican food in Steamboat Springs, CO, call (970) 870-9980.