A Look at the Ski Boot Fitting Process

Are you getting ready for an expedition to a ski resort? Wearing properly fitting ski boots is a must if you want to stay safe on the slopes. The best way to ensure that your boots fit perfectly is to have them custom-fitted. You may be wondering how ski boots can be customized to an individual customer. Here is a brief look at how the ski boot fitting process works. Scanning Your Feet Scanning your feet is the first step of the boot fitting process. When you go to the ski shop, a technician will use a special scanner to measure each of your feet. This will create a three-dimensional diagram of each foot, which can then be used to customize your boots for you. Assessing Your Feet Next, the ski shop will assess your build, fitness level, and experience to help determine what type of ski boot is best suited to your needs. The factors they will take into account include your size and weight, your athletic abilities, and your previous skiing experience. Only after careful evaluation will they pick a boot. Fabricating Your Boots Drawing on both the measurements and your individual assessment, the shop will fabricate your ski boots using high-quality materials. The boots will be placed on your feet, and a foam will be added to create a strong but flexible liner for them. If requested, special boot heaters can be added to provide protection from the cold. If you want to make sure you have the perfect pair of ski boots for your next trip to the slopes, it’s time to visit Surefoot! You’ll be able to find a pair of custom-fitted ski boots that will provide you with the support and comfort you need. If you’re skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO, visit their sporting goods store today or call (970) 879-1119 for more information.