A Nostalgic Look Back at Drugstore Soda Fountains Through History

There’s nothing like getting your favorite milkshake from the drugstore soda fountain. While there are many different types of convenience stories and eateries around today, the classic drugstore soda fountain is one that has never gone out of style! Take a look back at the history of the drugstore soda fountain:

Early Days

Soda fountains were first seen throughout Europe, but they gained their fame here in America, where they quickly became part of classic American culture. These fountains were designed to dispense soda waters, which were created in an effort to mimic natural mineral waters. Soda fountains soon found their way into drugstores, where customers would often come in to find a remedy for their ailment in the form of a refreshing beverage. Since soda fountains were designed to dispense soda water, they were a perfect fit for the drugstore. By the end of the 1880s, carbon dioxide tanks had been invented by Jacob Baur, which brought new life to the drugstore soda fountain.

Modern Days

Today, drugstore soda fountains are not nearly as popular as they once were. This is due to many factors, including the growth of faster-service pharmacies as well as the wide selection of restaurants and other eateries available to today’s consumers. But place like Lyon Corner Drug & Soda Fountain still offer the classic experience, letting customers order tasty food like sandwiches and soup as well as delicious drinks like milkshakes and sodas while taking a journey back to a simpler time.

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