All About Cluster Flies

Flies are always annoying, especially when they invade your home. If you are dealing with cluster flies in your home, then you’ll want to contact a pest control company as soon as possible. You can also get a better understanding of what cluster flies are and why they are in your home if you keep reading:

What are cluster flies?

While you might see a few flies in your home during the hot months of summer, cluster flies typically show up in the fall. These flies tend to be a bit larger than the common household fly that appears in summer. Cluster flies also have yellow hairs that can make them look almost golden in the sunlight. It is normal for these flies to become around 8 to 10 millimeters long, and they usually live between 30 and 50 days.

Why do cluster flies infest homes?

Cluster flies typically appear in households in the late fall. This is because they are looking for warm places to live before the weather gets too cold outside. Cluster flies can enter homes through small cracks and openings, including baseboards and outlets. These pests will wait inside homes until it gets warmer outside.

How do you get rid of cluster flies?

Unlike other pests, cluster flies will not cause any serious damage to your home. They also don’t carry diseases that could harm you or your family. However, these pests are still annoying and can attract other pests into your home, which is why it’s important to contact a pest control company to help you get rid of the problem.

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