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Winter Skincare 101

Low temperatures, cold wind, and snowy conditions can all be a recipe for disaster when it comes to your skin, which is why you’ll want to take the time to alter your skincare routine as the winter season begins. Start implementing these changes as temperatures drop in the fall, and you can expect your skin to feel soft and retain its natural glow throughout the winter season.

Use a Humidifier Indoors

Chances are, you’ll be running the furnace in your home and workplace, which can create dry, harsh conditions for your skin. An indoor humidifier can help keep your skin supple and moist, relieving you of chapped lips and dry, flaking skin on the arms, legs, and feet.

Keep Applying Sunscreen

You might not see the sun much in the winter, but that doesn’t mean that the sun’s harsh UV rays aren’t there. To protect your skin, you’ll want to keep sunscreen in your skincare routine, applying it every day before you put on your makeup or other skincare products.

Go for a Heavy-Duty Moisturizer

In the wintertime, you will need a heavier moisture barrier for your skin, so it may be appropriate to switch to an oil-based moisturizer. If you already have oily skin, stick with a water-based product, but choose one with a thicker consistency to fully protect your skin.

Don’t Take Hot Showers

As nice as a hot shower may feel after a day in the bitter cold, it won’t do any favors for your skin. Hot water can break lipid barriers in your skin and lead to irritation. Stick to warm water and limit your shower time to keep your skin feeling and looking its best.

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