Autumnal Food & Beverage Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

With the beautiful colors of changing leaves, autumn is the perfect time to host a wedding that captures your love of the fall season. To make your wedding a day to remember, you might plan a menu that features some of the most iconic foods and beverages of the season. Your guests will love these simple ideas, which you should discuss with your caterer as you plan your wedding menu. Mulled Wine Choosing to serve just beer and wine instead of a full bar can be a budget-friendly approach for your wedding bar. In the fall, you can have some extra fun with the wine selection by offering mulled wine as one of the beverage options. Served hot and steeped with flavors like cloves and orange peels, this beverage can warm your guests and capture the fall spirit. If you want a non-alcoholic option, choose hot spiced apple cider instead. Roasted Fall Veggies Serving food buffet style can capture the harvest spirit of the fall season. Roasted veggies are the perfect side dish to add to a buffet spread, which might also feature a hearty roast as the centerpiece and mashed potatoes or wild mushroom risotto as a starchy side dish. Fall veggies to include in your roasted mix include carrots, beets, turnips, and sweet potatoes. Seasonal Soups Instead of salad as a first course, offer soup as a hearty way to warm the palate. Butternut squash soup garnished with sage and parmesan is a colorful dish that can liven up your buffet table and offer all the best tastes of fall. Mini Pies If you want your dessert to match the fall theme of your menu, you might skip the wedding cake and offer mini pies instead. Pumpkin cheesecakes, apple tarts, or pecan pies are all sure to be hits for your autumn menu. Fireside Catering can help you bring your menu vision to life. They are a full-service catering company in Steamboat Springs capable of catering events for small and large groups alike. Call them at (970) 879-9922 to start planning your wedding menu today.

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