Best Breakfast Foods for a Hangover

Enjoying a night out with good friends, delicious drinks, and fun activities can be a rewarding experience—until the next morning arrives. If you find yourself dealing with a hangover, one of the best ways to feel better is to eat a hearty breakfast. Look for the following items when you head to a nearby breakfast restaurant after spending a night out on the town. Eggs When you are recovering from a hangover, it’s essential that you consume nutritious items packed with vitamins and minerals, and eggs fit the bill. Eggs are full of amino acids, vitamins D and B12, and calcium, all of which aid in hangover recovery. Check the menu for omelets or scrambled eggs, but avoid fried eggs—the greasiness could make you feel worse. Avocado After drinking alcohol, you’ll want to replenish your potassium and B6 levels to help your body recover quickly. The good news is that avocados offer high amounts of those nutrients, along with healthy fats and fiber. Avocado toast, omelets with avocado, and breakfast sandwiches with avocado are all great items to look for. Carbohydrates Carbohydrates can help to raise your blood sugar levels, which is important after alcohol consumption. Complex carbs, in particular, are a great option that will help you feel full and energized. Look for whole wheat toast, bagels, or oatmeal on the breakfast menu. Fruit Restoring your body’s electrolytes is important to help you recover from a hangover, and fresh fruit is an excellent source of electrolytes. Freshly squeezed juice and fruit smoothies are both fantastic options. Bananas, watermelon, oranges, and berries are all particularly helpful fruits for hangover recovery. Are you looking for the best breakfast restaurant in Steamboat Springs? Head to Winona’s Restaurant! You’ll find an extensive breakfast menu, including world-famous cinnamon rolls, so you’re sure to feel energized and ready for a new day. For more information, call (970) 879-2483 today.