Best Gear to Get Before Skiing

Best Gear to Get Before Skiing

Before you hit the slopes, you’ll need the right gear to keep you safe and warm. Without the proper skiing gear, you could end up feeling cold, uncomfortable, and sunburned, leaving you stuck at the ski lodge while everyone else is having fun on the hills. Get ready for your day on the slopes by stocking up on this gear in advance.


Keeping your feet warm and dry can be a major challenge in the snow, especially if you’re new to skiing and take a few spills. Don’t try to make your usual sports socks do double duty, and instead, invest in some ski socks. Ski socks are designed to stay in position on your calf so that they protect your feet and legs without falling down into your ski boots. Your socks should be made of acrylic or nylon, rather than wool or cotton. Wool and cotton socks get wet easily, which will make your feet uncomfortable and could even cause blisters to develop.


Having the right gloves is essential to staying warm and comfortable. Opt for insulated gloves made of moisture-treated leather or another material that keeps your hands warm without absorbing moisture. You can also wear a thin liner under your gloves for additional warmth and dryness. Frostbite can happen quickly when you’re skiing without the proper protection, so don’t skimp when you choose gloves.


Goggles are a much better option than your usual sunglasses on the slopes. Goggles stay in place and protect your eyes from both the sun and the wind. Without wind protection, your eyes will tear up while you’re skiing, which may affect your vision. Further, these tears may freeze on your lashes, which can painful.

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