Best Thermal Gear for Cold Climates

There’s nothing quite like the sight of new snowfall on a mountain peak, especially if you’re gearing up for a fun day of skiing or snowboarding. Before you leave home, make sure you’ve got the right thermal gear to keep you comfortable all day long.

Wool Socks

Wool socks are a must for snowy winter days. Merino wool socks are particularly well-suited for winter use, as they are luxuriously soft and don’t itch at all. Unlike cotton socks, wool socks insulate your feet effectively and maintain their insulating capacity even when they get wet. Plus, wool can hold a third of its own weight in sweat and snow melt before the material starts to feel noticeably damp.

Base Layers

If you’re a lifelong Southerner who has recently made the trek northward, you’ll soon become acquainted with the concept of layering. Layering is the smartest way to stay warm, whether you’re out running errands or hitting the slopes all day long. Your base layer, which is the layer worn closest to your skin, should consist of thermal clothing.

The best base layer is one that wicks moisture away from your skin, since wet skin becomes chilled quickly. Your base layer thermals should also be lightweight and made of breathable fabric. Some skiers prefer to use a thin layer of merino wool as a thermal, while others opt for synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. If you do choose a synthetic material, look for one with a waffle-like texture. This texture allows moisture to wick away from your skin and evaporate more quickly.

Thermal Underwear

Follow the same basic material guidelines for choosing thermal underwear as you do for your base layer. Avoid cotton, which retains sweat, and instead look for synthetic fabric, merino wool, or silk. Silk tends to work best in mild to moderate cold.

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