Bubbler, Bong, or Pipe? How Each Piece Influences Your Experience

Variety is the Spice of Life

Over the centuries, people have invented a myriad of ways to enjoy smoking herb. It may seem like there are as many different devices as there are people in the market for one. Let's take a look at three of the most popular options out there today.


Bongs, which were traditionally known as water pipes, have been around in one form or another for well over 2,000 years. Though the materials used to make bongs changes over time, the purpose stays the same. The water filters and cools the smoke for a smoother experience. If you are looking for a portable device, a bong is probably not going to be it.

Bongs are made to stand on their own and have decent sized water reservoirs. Straight tube bongs are single cylinder devices with either a removable or fixed down stems. Percolator bongs basically keep the smoke in contact with the water longer, thereby providing added filtration and cooling. Beaker bongs sport large, wide bases for those seeking superb filtration and a smoother hit. Adding ice catchers cools the smoke and adds a new level of smooth.


Hand pipes are the go-to classic portable smoking apparatus. No water is needed, so they are perfect for dropping in a pocket on your way out the door. Since there is no filter, the smoke is usually harsher than you experience with a bong or bubbler. The smoke also travels a shorter distance, so it doesn't have a chance to cool significantly before it hits your lungs.

Pipes come in a variety of materials and styles. Most glass pipes have a carb that allows greater control of the hit size. Glass pipes are usually one piece, but intricate designs abound. Glass is also pretty easy to clean. Metal and wood hand pipes are often viewed as an old-school option and usually require screens to avoid inhaling ash and leaf. Portable, quick and simple to load and use, hand pipes are here to stay.


Bubblers are a hybrid of the bong and hand pipe. They are portable, yet include a basin for the water, so the design possibilities are endless. Like bongs, water filters the smoke to provide cooler, smoother hits than you get with hand pipes. However, you can use a bubbler as a dry pipe in a pinch. Glass bubblers work with dry herbs and concentrates.

Your friends at Rocky Mountain Remedies are here to help you choose the best strain for you and your bong, pipe, or bubbler.