Can You Combine Modern and Western Design Styles?

Can You Combine Modern and Western Design Styles?

It’s often preferable to mix and match elements of different design styles in order to avoid overwhelming the eye with one particular style. This is also an excellent way to showcase your unique design personality and to truly make your house into a home. So, if you and your partner have differing design styles, don’t hesitate to combine them!

Work with a limited color palette.

Although completely different styles can indeed work well together, they may start to clash if the color palette is too broad. Consider working with an interior designer to develop an ideal color palette for your home. Look for no more than three colors that work well together, and allow them to dominate the space. It’s alright to add one or two small décor items that deviate from the palette, as long as the main colors are still able to unify the space.

Follow the 80/20 rule.

When mixing and matching different design styles, it’s a good idea to choose just one style to be the main character, so to speak, with the other design style fulfilling a supporting role. For example, if you want the Western style to dominate, you would aim to have about 80% Western pieces and about 20% modern pieces. Of course, some furniture and décor items are larger than others. Strive to have the dominating style featured primarily in the larger items, with the supporting style featured primarily in the smaller, accent items.

Put the focus on a conversation piece.

Practically every room can benefit from having a conversation piece. It’s the focal point of the space, and it instantly attracts attention when someone first walks into the room. If you have an oddball décor item or piece of furniture that doesn’t seem to fit into the space, consider making it your focal point. By drawing attention to it, rather than trying to downplay it, you’ll turn that oddball item into the room’s prized possession.

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