Cannabis Safety in the Home: Tips for Parents and Pet Parents

Cannabis Safety in the Home: Tips for Parents and Pet Parents

While cannabis may be fun for recreational use among adults, it is not safe for kids or pets. Unfortunately, with the increased prevalence of cannabis in Colorado homes following recreational marijuana legalization, there has been an uptick in visits to the ER for both young children and household pets who have accidentally ingested some form of cannabis. To keep your children and your fur babies safe in your home, follow these rules for cannabis safety. 

Don’t rely solely on childproof packaging. 

Childproof packaging is only one line of defense against curious kids and pets. Pets can often chew through this type of packaging, and kids may be able to pry containers open as well. To add an extra element of protection, consider a medicine lockbox for your cannabis goodies, or keep them in a medicine cabinet that’s well out of reach for your children and pets. 

Clearly label cannabis edibles (and keep them out of reach). 

Cannabis edibles tend to be the most problematic for kids and pets, because they often look indistinguishable from other candies and treats. Always label any edibles so that you know they contain cannabis, and never keep these items within easy reach of kids or pets. For example, avoid storing cannabis edibles in your bedside table, where kids may have easy access. 

Always put away cannabis and smoking accessories after use. 

Safe storage measures are only effective when you remember to put all cannabis products and accessories away after use. Make a habit of putting everything back in a safe place after you use cannabis products at home and encourage all visitors and houseguests to do the same. 

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