Caring for Your Contacts

Caring for Your Contacts

Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to eyeglasses, especially for people who play sports or have a habit of losing their eyeglasses. They’re also quite safe, as long as you take care of them and handle them properly. Your optometrist can help you learn how to use contacts safely.

Washing Your Hands

You must wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses . This includes washing up before removing contacts from your eyes. Scrub thoroughly with soap, and be sure to clean under your fingernails. Dry with a clean towel. It’s preferable to use a towel that won’t leave fuzz behind, as the fuzz may transfer to your contacts.

Cleaning Your Contacts

Only use care products specified for use on contact lenses. Contacts should never be exposed to regular water (including tap or sterile water) or saliva. Take a travel-size bottle of solution with you when you leave the house, just in case.

Follow the instructions on your contact lens disinfectant product. Generally, optometrists recommend rubbing the solution on both sides of the lens, even if the product you’re using is a “no rub” variety. Then, rinse it with fresh solution.

Replacing Your Contacts

Check with your optometrist regarding how often you should replace your contacts. Following these instructions is a crucial part of reducing your risk of eye infections . Some contacts are designed to last for two weeks, while others need to be replaced daily.

Caring for the Contacts Case

Each time you apply your contacts, you should rinse out both compartments of the storage case with fresh solution. Place the case upside-down on a clean towel to dry out. Repeat these steps for the caps of the storage case. Replace your storage case regularly. Optometrists recommend using a storage case no longer than three months, although it’s good practice to replace the case every two to four weeks.

Remember to take care of your eyes by visiting an optometrist every 12 months. If you live in the area of Steamboat Springs, CO, you can visit Eyecare Specialties for exams, contacts, and eyeglasses. Their office is available at (970) 879-2020.