Common Outdoor Sports Injuries & When You Should Go To A Specialist

Staying in good physical shape is very important. For those that live near the mountains, one of the best ways to stay healthy and in good shape would be to participate in outdoor sports. For those that love to ski, snowboard, or hike, there are plenty of great activities available. While they are a lot of fun and great exercise, there is always a risk of injury. For those that do participate in outdoor sports, there are a few particular injuries that they should be aware of.

Ankle Sprain

One of the most common outdoor sports injuries is an ankle sprain. While boots are made to support the ankle, there is always a risk that your ankle could be injured. Some of the most common symptoms of this include slight swelling and tenderness. In most cases, the symptoms of this should subside within a few days and you should be able to participate again within a week. If the symptoms do not subside, it could be a more serious injury such as a break or an Achilles tear.

Knee Injury

Another very common type of injury that occurs with outdoor sports is knee injuries. Due to the potential impact from skiing and snowboarding, knee injuries are common. If you notice that your knee is sore, it could be an indication of a sprain. However, if it swells to a very large size, it could be a sign of an ACL injury.

If you have been injured when you are playing outdoor sports, there are some indications of when it would be a good idea to see a specialist. If the injury appears to bruise quickly, swell to a much larger size, or simply be too uncomfortable to walk on, it would be a good idea to see an orthopedic specialist. For those that are in the Steamboat Springs area, one specialist that would be great to see would be Steamboat Orthopaedic Associates, which can provide relief and treatment for a range of snowboarding, skiing, and hiking injuries.