Common Questions About Alcohol for Wedding Receptions

Common Questions About Alcohol for Wedding Receptions

Planning a wedding reception is a complex process that can take many months. Among the many issues you’ll have to consider is the alcoholic beverages you’ll serve. Most wedding guests do expect there to be alcohol at a typical wedding reception, but the type of alcohol and the type of bar you’ll host are decisions that are up to you.

What are the types of bars?

When you start researching the planning process for wedding receptions, you’re likely to come across a number of confusing terms, such as hosted, non-hosted, and cash with tickets. A hosted bar is the same as an open bar. It means that the hosts pay for all of the alcohol, and so the guests have access to it free of charge. A non-hosted bar, also called a cash bar, is one in which the guests are responsible for paying for all of their alcoholic beverages. There’s also a compromise available. A cash bar with tickets means that guests have a set number of drink tickets to use. Those drinks are paid for by the hosts. If a guest wants additional drinks, he or she will pay for them.

Should we serve a signature drink?

Many couples like to serve a signature beverage, which is usually a cocktail. This might be a specialty drink created just for the occasion or it might be the couple’s favorite cocktail. You can certainly serve a signature drink if you wish, but it’s not essential.

When should we close the bar?

Weddings are fun, but they’re also exhausting. After a certain point, the bride and groom will understandably want to get away from the crowd. To encourage wedding guests to leave on time, it’s a good idea to close the bar prior to the end of the reception. 

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