Common Reasons for Vehicle Heater Problems

Common Reasons for Vehicle Heater Problems

Few people truly enjoy a morning commute, but it can be even worse if your heater suddenly stops working. Not only is a chilly car unpleasant during the winter, but it can also be a safety hazard. You need a fully functioning heater to defrost your windshield. It’s essential to get it repaired right away. The auto repair shop might discover that any of the following issues are responsible for your vehicle heater problems.

Stuck Thermostat

In a vehicle heater, the thermostat behaves like a valve. When you start your car, the thermostat valve will stay closed until the coolant warms up to a certain degree. This is essential to allow the engine to get warmed up. However, sometimes the thermostat can get stuck in this position. If the valve fails to open, it won’t allow the coolant to circulate. This can cause the engine to overheat and the heater to blow out cold air.

A thermostat can also sometimes get stuck in the open position, which prevents the engine from getting properly warmed up. This may be the case if your heater is blowing out lukewarm air, rather than hot or cold air.

Heater Core Problems

The heater core is similar to a small radiator. It’s usually located toward the top of the cooling system. This means that air readily flows into it. Sometimes air bubbles get trapped and need to be flushed out. Another possible problem is a plugged heater core. It’s possible for corrosion and various debris to cause clogs in the inner workings of this component. 

Insufficient Coolant

Another common reason for vehicle heater problems is insufficient coolant. If your coolant level is low, topping it off may not solve the problem. The mechanic will need to check the cooling system for a possible leak.

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