Common Types of Collision Damage

Unlike most products, cars are built with calamities in mind. They are specifically designed to absorb the force of an impact in the safest way possible to protect both the occupants and the sensitive components of the car, like the engine and fuel tank. That said, any vehicle can still sustain significant damage in a crash. Some of the most common types of collision damage are as follows. Bumper Damage Bumpers are typically made from fiberglass or plastic, so they don’t withstand the force of a crash very well. They can also sustain damage from bumping into an ice-covered snow bank. If the bumper has been dented, the technician can remove the dent. However, cracks aren’t easily repaired, and so the bumper will likely need to be replaced. Headlight Damage Headlights and their covers are durable enough to survive hail, ice, and snow storms. Unfortunately, a direct hit in a car crash is more than sufficient to damage them. A scratched or shattered cover will need to be repaired or replaced before you can safely drive the car again. Wheel Damage Since a car has wheels on all four corners, it’s quite likely that at least one wheel will sustain damage no matter which part of the car was struck. You may need to replace a tire or two before your car is drivable again. It’s also likely that your car will need a wheel alignment after a crash. Frame Damage Frame damage is among the most serious types of collision damage. It’s possible for an auto body shop to straighten a bent frame. However, a car with a history of structural damage will automatically be considered less safe to drive. This means that its resale value will decrease. After a car accident, you need fast, reliable repairs at an affordable cost. You can turn to the talented technicians at Russell’s Auto Salon. Conveniently located in Steamboat Springs, CO, this body shop offers a complete suite of services to get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. You can request an appointment for a collision repair estimate by calling (970) 879-1515.