Comparing Snowmobile Helmet Styles

During the winter, snowmobiling is one of the best ways to see the beautiful countryside in Colorado. For safety’s sake, all snowmobilers must wear a DOT-approved helmet. Make sure you choose one specifically designed for use while snowmobiling; ski helmets are not recommended for this activity. There are a few different styles of snowmobile helmets to choose from, including full face and modular helmets. Full Face Helmet Just as the name suggests, the full face helmet covers the entire head. It features an eye shield in the front to allow for visibility. The advantage of full face helmets is that they offer the most protection. Plus, they are ideal for adverse weather conditions. A full face helmet will keep you warmer despite the wind, sleet, or snow. However, there are a few disadvantages to consider. Full face helmets are heavier than other helmets. Plus, the eye shield can sometimes fog up. If this concerns you, consider looking for a high-end full face helmet that features a heated shield to prevent ice accumulation and fogging. Modular Helmets If you were to look at a full face helmet side by side with a modular helmet, you wouldn’t be able to see much difference between them. In fact, the only difference is that a modular helmet has a movable chin bar. Both the chin bar and the face shield can be flipped up to reveal your face. Most modular helmets offer the ability to move either the chin bar or the face shield independently of each other. Some experienced snowmobilers prefer modular helmets because they can take a break, lift up the shield, and enjoy the scenery without having to remove the entire helmet. When you book a tour with Steamboat Snowmobile Tours, you’ll receive a DOT-approved snowmobile helmet to use during your visit. This tour group can also provide customers with snowmobile boots and snowsuits if needed, although it is recommended that you wear your own ski clothes and gloves. Call their location in Steamboat Springs, CO at (970) 879-6500 to book your next snowmobile tour!