Creating Your Own Gourmet Dinner

Making the same meals on a regular basis gets boring. Your children might yawn at the sight of the casserole you make once a month. And your guests might cringe at the fact you're making that steak and pasta dish you bake for every special event. However, you can add spice, creativity and a gourmet touch to every meal, no matter who your guests are, with these tips.

1. Add Wine

Making a gravy; add some wine. The wine gives whatever you make that hint of flavor that tastes like a professional made the dish. When making a gravy, pair a red wine with red meats and a white wine with chicken and pork. You could also create a broth using stock and wine to cook vegetables and meat. If you decide to sauté vegetables and meat, add wine. Wine enhances the taste of desserts. Bake a decadent cake using brandy.

2. Using Yogurt in Place of Fattening Mayo and Creams

If you want to cook like a gourmet chef, use yogurt to replace half of the mayo or other cream in a recipe. Use non-fat Greek yogurt to enhance the taste and texture without adding unnecessary fat to the dish.

3. Use Fresh Ingredients

Yes, onion powder, dried basil and garlic salt add flavor, but it's the easy way out. Gourmet chefs use fresh ingredients. They can add multiple dimensions such as taste and texture. Plus, they give dishes more flavor than dried, store-bought seasonings.

4. Know How to Cut and Flavor Meat

You can always tell the difference between a home cook and a chef in an upscale dining venue; the meat is perfectly cut and cooked. Make sure you learn to cut meat, so it cooks throughout the entire cut. Season it evenly, so your guests get the flavor in every bite they eat. Make sure you use citrus on fish or pork at the end to avoid drying out the meat.

5. Make Your Own Dressing

Why ruin a salad or dish with a dressing from the store? Homemade versions are simple to make and taste delicious. You can put them on a salad or use them to cook with. Homemade dressing helps separate the pros from the home cooks.

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