Creative Ideas for Decorating with Vintage Trunks

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Vintage Trunks

You can walk into any big box store and purchase décor items for your home. However, these brand new items won’t have the same character and personality as a vintage piece. Every vintage item has a unique story to share. Perhaps one of the most exciting vintage décor items is old trunks. You can imagine an antique trunk being loved by previous owners, who may have lugged it off to college or on some exciting adventure. Check out your local pawn shop for antique trunks and explore the following décor possibilities.

In the Bedroom

One of the more common ways antique trunks are incorporated into homes’ décor schemes is in the bedroom. In a master bedroom, a trunk will look perfectly at-home framing the end of a bed. Plus, it serves as extra storage space for spare blankets. Another possibility is to create a reading nook in the master bedroom. Add a couple of comfortable chairs next to a tall antique chest, which can be used as a side table to hold reading materials and a lamp.

In the Living Room

Who says the coffee table must be an actual table? Plenty of innovative folks have used antique trunks instead. Look for a trunk that is about the same height as the couch and chairs. Try to find one that either blends into the existing décor or serves as a contrasting accent piece. For example, if your living room is primarily done in shades of white or pastels, a very dark trunk would work well here.

In the Rec Room

Vintage trunks and chests also work well in a family’s rec room. If you have a TV mounted on the wall, you can place a trunk underneath it to serve as the entertainment center. Add some storage dividers inside the trunk and use it to keep your movie and music collections organized.

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