Creative Ideas for a Wintery Getaway

Far too often, people are trying to escape the cold by going on expensive warm-weather getaways to enjoy the beach and palm trees. However, these destinations aren't very unique. Not to mention, your winter getaway might be out of your price range.

1. Make it a "Stay-cation"

Have you ever actually taken a tour of the city you live in and explored every tourist attraction available? Take the time this winter to visit your own city and discover every place you've never been. You might even want to stay at a local hotel and truly experience what it's like to take a vacation in your city.

2. Go to Your Hometown

Nothing is quite as nostalgic as visiting the place you grew up, no matter the season. You'll get to see how much the place changed–or stayed the same–over the years. You'll get to reminisce about when you were younger and how you spent the winter months.

3. State Parks

Take a tour of a few state parks or just visit one state park. Oftentimes, you'll be able to take hikes, snow tube, ski or enjoy the season in other ways. Make sure you look up the visitor information for the park or parks you choose because not every state park is open over the cold months. If you have a significant other, you may want to take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the snow. You could also rent a log cabin and pretend you're snowed in, even if you're not.

4. Last-Minute Flights or Cruises

If you want to enjoy a vacation to another state or even country but don't like the price tag, book a last minute flight or cruise. Oftentimes, travel companies are desperately trying to sell tickets that nobody purchased. Take advantage of the deal and the opportunity to leave on an unexpected vacay for a low cost.

5. Pick an Under-appreciated Spot

Typically, the tourist hot spots are more expensive because those making a profit off of the destinations realize people will pay more for a sought-after destination. Trick the travel companies and book a trip to a spot that's not on any travel destination top-10 lists. These destinations are less expensive and will still provide you with a trip of a lifetime.

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