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Today, you can buy avocados from Mexico, peppers from Holland, and carrots from Canada—all with just one visit to your local supermarket. While global trade encourages economic growth and stability, there are also benefits in buying locally produced goods. The following benefits are a few common reasons why some people prefer to buy local whenever possible. Reducing the Use of Fossil Fuels Climate change is already resulting in catastrophic effects around the world, such as increases in severe weather patterns and rising sea levels that threaten to wipe out low-lying islands, such as Kwajalein. Part of the problem is the heavy use of fossil fuels, which result in the release of harmful emissions that eat away at the protective ozone layer. You can do your part to combat climate change by buying local goods whenever possible. Since locally produced goods are not transported over long distances to reach a market, they require fewer fossil fuels to produce. Reduces Packaging Pollution Pollution, including plastic pollution in the oceans, is another major problem that has already had dire effects for marine wildlife. One way to reduce your household’s consumption of plastic is to purchase locally produced goods. Since local goods from small or mid-size farms do not need to travel significant distances, they don’t require the extensive packaging that goods produced farther away require. Supports Your Local Economy Every time you purchase a locally grown vegetable or locally raised meat product, you’re supporting your own community. Your patronage helps your neighbors stay in business and continue to produce high-quality goods. Reduces Your Risk of Foodborne Illnesses Foodborne contaminants cause serious illnesses that have been known to result in fatalities. One factor contributing to the problem is the far-flung nature of the U.S.’s food supply. Just one hamburger patty can contain meat fragments from more than 1,000 different animals. This significantly raises the risk of contamination. While locally produced foods aren’t completely immune to contamination, there is less of a risk when you eat them. If you’re looking for fresh, locally grown produce in Clark, CO, just head over to Clark Store. This establishment also serves as a deli, coffeehouse, liquor store, and U.S. Post Office. You can direct your questions about seasonally available produce to a helpful associate at (970) 879-3849.

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