Do I Need Life Insurance?

Millions of Americans could benefit from having life insurance. Unfortunately, many of them lack coverage. If you don’t yet have a life insurance policy or if you’re unsure whether your current coverage is sufficient for your needs, it’s time to talk to an insurance agent. You should have life insurance if any of the following are true: You Have Dependents If you have minor dependents, you definitely should have life insurance. The same applies to parents of children of any age who have special needs. When deciding how much life insurance to purchase, consider how old your non-special needs children are. If they’re school-aged, purchase a policy with a more generous amount of coverage. If your kids are nearly out of college, you can likely get by with a less pricey policy. If you have a special needs child, consider his or her lifetime financial requirements when choosing a policy. You Have Concerns about Probate Your surviving loved ones will need funds for basic living expenses while your estate is being closed. Some accounts are payable upon death, which means they can bypass the probate process. However, if most of your estate will be tied up in probate, you will need a life insurance policy to help your loved ones get by in the meantime. You Have Substantial Debts Even if you don’t have minor dependents or special needs children, and even if your partner works, you’ll need life insurance if you have substantial debts. You definitely don’t want your surviving loved ones to be burdened with your debts after your passing. Purchase enough life insurance to cover your debts, estate taxes, and funeral costs. If you need to buy a new life insurance policy or add to your existing coverage, you can find the guidance you need at State Farm Insurance - Debbie Aragon Insurance. You’ll receive exceptional customer service that will make the process of purchasing insurance easy and hassle-free. You can reach their office in Steamboat Springs, CO, by calling (970) 879-1756.