Do You Need A Car With Four-Wheel Drive?

Four-wheel drive cars —also called 4WD—are cars in which the engine provides power to all four of the wheels. They are similar to all-wheel drive, or AWD, cars in that all four wheels are powered, but in a 4WD car, the drivetrain has two differentials and a transfer load in order to power the wheels. AWD cars have front, rear, and center differentials instead. Whether you need a car with 4WD depends on many factors, including the way you use your car and where you drive. Here are some the reasons drivers choose 4WD cars.


If you tow with your vehicle, then 4WD is definitely a useful feature. The traction provided by 4WD systems makes it easy to tow even on wet roads, steep areas, and sandy areas. It also allows you to tow off road without concerns about getting stuck. Without 4WD, if you tow in any conditions other than a dry, paved road, your car could easily skid, slide, or get stuck.

Driving on Steep or Uneven Slopes

For driving on roads with steep climbs or uneven slopes, 4WD drive far outperforms other options. 4WD increases the torque to allow your car to easily and safely climb steep roads or to navigate uneven terrain. It is especially adept at climbing unpaved, steep roads without concerns about spinning out your tires.

Driving in Icy or Snowy Conditions

4WD drive is made for driving in winter weather . The additional traction that comes with 4WD drive systems significantly reduces the risk of slipping and sliding on icy roads and helps to prevent your tires from spinning in accumulated snow.

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