Easy Decorative Fall Updates to Your Home

Did you know there are easy ways to keep your home looking fresh and new? That way is to make season-oriented changes to it that are actually quite simple. Since we are now in Fall (aka Autumn) we shall expand on this thought by sharing some easy, yet attractive Fall decorative updates.

The first one is to add some pumpkins around your home. Nothing says Fall is here like a nicely-shaped pumpkin. Take advantage of your local market's sales and add several of these, placed strategically, throughout your home. For an even nicer look, surround each pumpkin with a wreath featuring Fall-colored flowers. You will be amazed at how great this looks!

For an especially unique Fall decoration, take some flame-retardant and sturdy decorative bowls and place a vanilla scented candle in each one. Then surround each of those candles with coffee beans. Whenever you light these candles, the smell of warm, rich vanilla coffee will fill your home. Your guests will marvel about how wonderful this is.

Next idea - whatever you do, don't forget the pine cones. They are a simple, yet beautiful and natural addition to any Fall home décor. Either go pine cone hunting and gather them up yourself or buy a bag full at your nearest craft store. You can make dozens of different-sized wreaths out of the pine cones and put a tall scented candle in the center of each one. The combination of the pine cones and the lit candles will smell marvelous.

When decorating your home for Fall, don't forget about your front porch! In addition to the ideas we have already shared, you can put lanterns that are painted with Autumn colors, and perhaps a wicker table and/or chairs. Believe it or not, wicker can be associated with Autumn, especially if the items you select have the proper color scheme. You can even add some multi-colored dried corn ornaments to your strategically-placed Fall centerpieces. If you have a backyard, try putting a few bales of hay around it and add some brightly-colored Fall leaves. This will appear quite dramatic and attractive.

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