Easy Ways to Transform a Picky Eater

If you’ve got a picky eater in your house, then you know food shopping is a challenge and mealtime can be a nightmare. Fortunately, picky eaters don’t have to stay picky eaters. With a few simple techniques, you can get even the most skeptical diner in your bunch to get a little more adventurous. Help your picky eater try new things with this advice.

Don’t Cook Separate Meals

It’s easy to get into the habit of making another batch of chicken nuggets because your picky eater doesn’t like what you’re serving, but cooking separate meals only reinforces the pickiness. Instead, cook a meal and serve it, and allow your picky eater to choose which parts of the meal he or she wants to eat. With fewer options, he or she may become more willing to try new things, although there may be an adjustment period during which your picky eater tries to see if you’ll give in and cook something else.

Be Adventurous Eaters as a Family

Make trying new foods a regular thing you do together as family. Set an example for your picky eater by trying new things yourself, even if you don’t think you like them. Don’t make liking a new food a requirement, but making a one-bite rule for new foods can help everyone in your family discover new things.

Try Cooking Together

Getting picky eaters involved in the cooking process can open them up to new foods to try. They can feel more in control of the menu and preparation, and they will be excited to try things that they have helped to prepare. Cooking together is a good way to ensure that meals have something for everyone without the need for separate menus.

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