Essential Skiing Gear for Beginners

Essential Skiing Gear for Beginners

Whether you’ve lived in Colorado all your life or have just recently moved here, now is a great time to make skiing a new hobby. Skiing is an excellent way to enjoy nature while staying active. Continue reading for an overview of the essential skiing gear you’ll need as a beginner.


When you’re out on the slopes, the reflection of the sun off of the bright, white snow can be blinding. That’s why it’s essential to wear eye protection every time you go skiing. While you could wear sunglasses, you may find that they fall off easily, become fogged up throughout the day, and won’t protect your eyes from wind and debris. Instead, add a pair of ski goggles to your shopping list for the best eye protection.


Accidents can happen to any skier, no matter their level of expertise. You can significantly reduce your risk of a head injury by wearing an appropriate helmet when hitting the slopes.

Waterproof Jacket and Pants

One of the top mistakes that beginners make is not wearing waterproof outer layers when skiing. When you’re surrounded by snow and may be hit with more while skiing, you should ensure that you stay as dry as possible. Look for a jacket and pants that are comfortable, non-constricting, and waterproof.

Supportive Boots

While many new skiers opt to rent gear while they become more familiar with the sport, you may want to consider purchasing your own boots early on. Purchase your boots from a store that takes the time to check the fit and find the perfect pair for you. That way, instead of dealing with sore feet, ankles, and calves, you can rest assured that your ski boots provide the best comfort and support for you.

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