Everything is Better in a Tuxedo

Most people associate tuxedos with their proms and weddings. Now days the classic tuxedo has more of a role than merely showing up at fancy functions. While buying a tuxedo is always an option, it is often better to rent one so you can pick the style and change as needed for various events. Wearing a tuxedo not only makes a man look special for those special moments, but also has benefits for the guy wearing it!

Great Fit

Well fitting clothing goes a long way in making an impression. Tuxedos are generally tailored for a perfect look. Details matter, such as length and waist fitting. All of these details go into creating the best fitting tuxedo, which makes for a comfortable and self-confident fit.

Perfect Color Match

Anyone who is a clothes expert, knows that hue matters. While most tuxedo requests are for black ones, more and more people are requesting various colors for their special events. It is important to find a color that either enhances your date's outfit or fits the event. In addition, the right tuxedo shop often helps with matching accessories such as shirts, bow ties and shoes.

Self Confidence

It has been said that someone forms an opinion of another person in the first 90 seconds. Imagine having a tuxedo that fits and looks great for that moment. Making a first impression while looking great goes a long way in adding to a man's self confidence.

For those in the Steamboat Springs, CO area, contact us at Allen's Clothing for all of your tuxedo rental needs. Remember that the perfect tuxedo does more than simply create great pictures. They also add to the man wearing it, making it a moment to remember!