Eye Care Treatments You Didn't Know About Till Now

Some awesome and affordable eye care treatments are available to you today. Most eye patients are not even aware of their existence. They help with many kinds of eye disorders.

Digital Retinal Photography

This type of imaging uses a high-resolution system to take photos of the inside of your eyes. The doctor is then able to assess the health of your retinas. This is a key device to catching diseases at an early stage. Each yearly exam can be compared to the one in the past year so even slight changes are noticeable. This helps to manage things such as:

Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Cancer, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure, and Retinal Detachment.

This test is pain free and offers a quick process to catch eye and health conditions early so you can get treatment.

Corneal Refractive Therapy

This treatment is a type of corneal reshaping through non-surgical means. A patient wears specially designed contact lenses at night while they sleep at night. The lenses gently reshape the cornea to correct nearsightedness.

This therapy is very beneficial to many patients including active children, especially children in sports or for children that have progressive nearsightedness each year. Many adults benefit from CRT, as their professions are not very conducive to wearing contact or glasses in the day, such as in the construction industry. People that are contact lens wearers also benefit from this process if they quit wearing contacts in the daytime because of lens dryness and being uncomfortable.

The CRT patient eventually has their nearsightedness totally corrected so they have no farther need to wear the specialized contacts at night and achieve clear vision in the day.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is designed to teach the brain to use both eyes simultaneously to see things clearly. Many children benefit from these exercises and treatments to solve eye problems. This type of therapy alleviates the following eye disorders:

Lazy Eye, Crossed Eyes, Convergence Insufficiency, Accommodative Insufficiency, Oculomotor Dysfunction, and Learning Disorders.

Vision therapy in any of these instances helps your child to exceed in school when he or she learns how to understand what they are seeing. It increases reading comprehension and helps in all areas of academic performance.

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