FAQs About Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a commonly performed orthopaedic surgery. It involves removing part or all of a damaged or diseased hip joint, and replacing it with an artificial prosthesis. Hip replacement surgery can help improve quality of life for patients who suffer from severe hip pain, but patients should be fully informed about the procedure and recovery before deciding to move ahead with it.

Is hip replacement surgery right for me?

Orthopaedic surgeons generally prefer that patients try conservative treatment methods before considering invasive procedures. You may be asked to try different medications and injections, and to work with a physical therapist. If these treatment modalities don’t provide sufficient pain relief, then you might start thinking about surgery. Before determining whether you’re a good candidate for hip surgery, the orthopaedic specialist may ask you to undergo a physical evaluation with your primary care doctor to ensure you’re in good overall health.

What’s required to prepare for surgery?

Hip replacement surgery requires a long recovery time. For best results, you’ll be asked to prepare by making home modifications to aid your recovery. You may also have preoperative lab tests and imaging studies. You could work with a physical or occupational therapist.

How long will I stay in the hospital?

This varies depending on whether you had an open or minimally invasive surgery, and on how quickly you progress through the initial recovery. Most patients can return home in one to three days. You’ll need to meet certain goals before being discharged, such as being able to walk short distances by yourself, get to the bathroom by yourself, and get in and out of bed.

How long will a full recovery take?

Again, this varies from patient to patient. In general, you can expect to resume light activities within about six weeks. By the three-month milestone, you should have recovered your preoperative strength and endurance. You may have made a full recovery after six months.

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