FAQs About Your First Snowmobile Trip

Riding a snowmobile is a great way to spend time in the snow! If you’re getting ready for your first snowmobile trip, then it’s important to do a little research so you know what to expect and you can make the most of this experience. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions about snowmobile trips:

What should I wear for a snowmobile trip?

It’s a good idea to wear the same type of clothing you would wear for a skiing adventure when you’re preparing for a snowmobile trip. This includes layers of materials such as polyester or fleece to keep you as warm as possible. You should also wear goggles, a face mask, gloves, a bandana, or other accessories to protect any parts of your face and body that are left uncovered.

How many people can ride on one snowmobile?

You can either ride alone on the snowmobile or with one other person. Only two people can ride on one snowmobile at a time. It doesn’t matter what size the snowmobile is or what weight the riders are; for safety purposes, only two people will be allowed to ride on one snowmobile if they do not want to ride alone.

Are there any age requirements?

Anyone age 16 and older is allowed to ride a snowmobile on their own. Children ages 15 and younger will be allowed to ride a snowmobile as long as they do so with an adult that is at least 18 years old. Typically, children under age 3 are not encouraged to ride snowmobiles, but every group will have a chance to talk about their wants.

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to plan your first snowmobile trip with Steamboat Snowmobile Tours in Steamboat Springs, CO! You can call them at (970) 879-6500 to learn more about snowmobile adventures and how to plan for this exciting experience.