FAQs and Answers About Vehicle Inspections in Colorado

If you’re a vehicle owner in Colorado, then it’s only natural to wonder whether your vehicle needs an emissions inspection. Finding out exactly when an inspection is required, however, can be a little trickier. Fortunately, the answers to your questions are easy to come by. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Colorado vehicle emissions inspections. My vehicle is brand new. Does it need an emissions inspection? Vehicles that are seven model years old or newer do not need emissions inspections in Colorado. Do electric and hybrid vehicles need emissions inspections? All-electric vehicles do not need to be taken for emissions inspections. However, hybrid vehicles should be taken for emissions inspections when they are seven years old. I just bought a vehicle. Does it need an emissions inspection? If your vehicle is seven years old or newer, then you don’t need to have it inspected when you buy it. If the vehicle you buy is older than that, however, then you should take it for an emissions inspection after purchasing it. I have a collector vehicle. Does it need an emissions inspection? Collector vehicles—vehicles that are from the model year 1975 or before—do not need to be taken for emissions inspections. I have an unusual vehicle. Do I need to take it for an emissions inspection? Kit cars, farm vehicles, and motorcycles do not need emissions inspections. If you are unsure whether your vehicle requires an emissions inspection, contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Are you in need of fast, professional auto repair? Doc’s Auto Clinic has been serving the community of Steamboat Springs, CO, since they first opened in 1997. Their skilled team of technicians will provide your vehicle with the capable care it deserves. They can handle everything from tire rotation to windshield repair and replacement. If you’d like to learn more, then call (970) 871-1346.