Factors to Consider for Wedding Transportation

Making decisions about transportation may not be as glamorous as picking out dresses and cakes, but it is actually one of the most important parts of wedding planning. When you’re choosing wedding transportation , there are several things to consider, including who you need to transport and where your ceremony and reception are being held. As you weigh your options, be sure to keep these factors in mind.

Which wedding guests will need transportation?

In many cases, it isn’t necessary to provide all of your guests with transportation to your wedding. However, if you’re having a destination wedding, it makes sense to arrange for transportation for your guests if they are all staying in the same hotel. This is especially important if there is no public transportation. If all of your guests don’t need transportation, then you may want to only make arrangements for the wedding party and parents. Keep in mind that if you transport all of your guests to your wedding, then you will also need to get them back to their hotel when the reception is over.

What is your budget?

As with most decisions you will make for your wedding, budget plays a big role in transportation choices . Costs can vary widely depending on the type of vehicles you choose, how many stops you make, and how long you need your drivers to be available. When considering the costs, be sure to factor in gratuities, deposits, and overtime charges so you have a realistic picture of the pricing before you sign an agreement. Be sure to establish a basic timeline for your day before pricing transportation options.

Will you offer more than one return trip?

Arranging transportation to get everyone to the wedding on time is easy. Return transportation is more difficult. Because guests may want to leave your wedding at different times, you may want to have two return trips for guests. This allows those who want to return to the hotel early to get back while everyone else can stay until the end.

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