Four Steps To Keep Your Car Clean During The Winter

Thanks to snow on the ground, cars can get dirtier in the winter than in the summer. Snow, rain and ice melting salts all cause dirt to stick to the car. While you cannot always keep your car perfectly clean, here are a few steps that will help you keep your car as clean as possible during the winter months.

Park in a Covered Parking Area

When possible, park your car in a covered parking area. This may include parking your car in a garage or under an awning. If there is not a covered area, consider covering your car with a car cover at night. Covering the car helps to minimize the amount of dirt, dust, snow, ice and rain that your car encounters when it is sitting unused.

Wash Your Car Frequently

Many people think that they should not wash their car frequently in the winter months because it will just get dirty again quickly. But failing to wash your car only allows more dirt and debris to pile up on your car. This actually makes your car look worse. While it may not stay clean for long, wash your car more frequently in the winter months.

Dry the Car Thoroughly

It may be cold outside, but after washing your car, make sure that it is dried thoroughly. This prevents water spots from forming and helps to prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the water that may be left behind on your car. Drying the car thoroughly helps the car look cleaner, longer.

Switch to Rubber Car Mats

The last tip for keeping your car clean during the winter months is to switch to rubber car mats. Carpet mats will show dirt and mud that are on your shoes. Rubber mats keep the interior clean.

Despite taking all of these steps, your car will become dirty during the winter months. If you need to clean it in Steamboat Springs, CO, bring it to Mountain View Car Wash & Detailing. We can clean your car both inside and out, making it look completely clean. Call us today to schedule an appointment.