Getting Your Liquor License in Colorado

Getting Your Liquor License in Colorado

If you’re a business owner or plan on hosting a special event that involves alcohol in Colorado, then you will need a liquor license . As a dual licensing state, you will first need approval at the local level for your license before obtaining a license from the state. The exception to this rule is businesses that need licenses for multiple locations in the state, which may have their licenses processed at the state level. You will need a liquor license before you can order alcohol from a distributor. Here is a look at what you can expect during the licensing process.

Determine the Kind of Permit You Need

There are different kinds of liquor permits for different needs. First, determine if you need a permit for a special event or if you fall into the other special categories, such as permits for art galleries and bed and breakfasts. If you need a business permit for ongoing sales, choose your license class based on the kind of establishment you have. There are different licenses for different classes, such retail liquor stores and restaurants.

Apply at the Local Level

The rules for local liquor permits vary between jurisdictions, but typically, the first step is determining if there is a need for another liquor license to be issued for the area in which your business is located. The local government will also conduct some initial background checks, including criminal history, history of liquor license violations, and tax payment histories.

Apply at the State Level

After your initial local license is approved, you can apply for the state liquor license . Depending on the extent of your local background check, the state may perform additional background checks before issuing a license for your business.

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