Hassle-Free Ideas for Celebrating Your Anniversary

Your anniversary should be a special time for just the two of you. But all too often, anniversary celebrations become overly stressful. That romantic dinner you’d planned might no longer seem like a good idea when you realize you’ve forgotten to buy key ingredients, or when the mess in the kitchen is reminiscent of a natural disaster. Save yourself the headaches and put the romance back into your anniversary with these hassle-free ideas.

Spend the day together.

You don’t need to plan a fancy getaway trip to celebrate your anniversary. Simply spend some time together to renew your bond. Get dressed up and take a stroll around town. If you’re a couple with an adventurous spirit, consider doing a little geocaching. There are plenty of low-key, hassle-free activities to enjoy together before heading home for a romantic anniversary dinner.

Hire a personal chef.

Personal chefs aren’t just for the rich and famous. Check out your local catering companies to find out if they offer personal chefs for hire for an evening. This is a fantastic way to enjoy a romantic evening in with your loved one, but also avoid the hassle of preparing dinner yourself. Plus, your personal chef can customize the menu to meet you and your partner’s specific culinary preferences, as well as any food allergies or intolerances. Don’t be afraid to explore new gustatory experiences, however. If you’ve never before sampled marinated buffalo flank steak or slow-cooked elk prime rib, this is a good opportunity to expand your palate.

Pick up a delicious take-home dinner.

If you’d like the experience of having a personal chef, without actually having a personal chef, consider picking up a romantic take-home dinner from the caterer. You and your loved one can enjoy an upscale, restaurant-style meal in the comfort and privacy of your own home. While you’re at it, pick up a few extra heat-and-serve meals to make the rest of the week more convenient for the two of you.

Fireside Catering provides romantic dinners for anniversaries and other special occasions. Choose from warm take-home dinners for two or hire a personal chef in Steamboat Springs, CO for the evening. You can call their office at (970) 879-9922 if you have any questions about their menu options.