How Beginners in Archery Can Improve Their Aim

When you’re a newcomer to archery, developing your aim is likely to be one of the first challenges you face. A lot of improving your aim comes down to one thing—practice. However, there are additional strategies you can use that will also boost your ability and confidence in your aim. As you get comfortable with your bow and arrow, keep these tips in mind to improve your aim.

Consider the Size of Your Arrows

Some archers believe that changing the size of your arrow to suit the conditions of your game is an important way to improve accuracy. As a beginner, you’re not likely to need an array of arrows on hand, but it’s important to ensure you are using the right size for your bow. If your arrows are too big, they won’t flex enough in your bow, which makes them very difficult to launch with accuracy. If they are too small, they may flex too much. Your sports store can ensure that you’re using the right arrows for your bow and help you find a set-up that feels comfortable for you.

Resist Over-Aiming

A common mistake people who are new to archery make is spending too much time on their aim with each shot. The longer you study your target when your bow is fully drawn, the less likely you are likely to be accurate. Instead, look carefully at your target as you raise your bow, and then disengage your sights as you pull back your bow. When your bow is fully back, look at your target again for a final aim, and release the arrow within a few seconds. Staring for longer will cause you to over-aim and do more harm to your shot than good.

Focus on the Follow Through

A strong follow through is a key component of an accurate shot. When you release your arrow, stay in position and keep your eye on the target. This practice will prevent you from releasing your stance too soon, disrupting your aim.

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